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Welcome to Retsami - the Board Game.

Super Bonus! Retsami - The Sample Game. One remarkable aspect of Retsami is that this amazing game has only 4 rules. But what it lacks in rules, it makes up for in strategies. So every game comes with a copy of "Retsami: The Sample Game", a booklet containing illustrations of and comment on every move of an actual game.

Retsami - the greatest two player board game since Backgammon...

Retsami is an exciting new board game for two players, which anyone can play.

Battle for control, out-move your opponent, and then beat them. You will love Retsami.

Retsami has got everything. It's got excitement. It's got tactics. It's got strategy. It will surprise you, it will make you think.

There are already hundreds of people hooked on Retsami. Why? Because this board game is challenging, versatile and addictive. You will want to keep on playing, and playing, and playing...

Retsami has only 4 rules, making it a brilliant strategy board game that everybody can play. Out-thinking and out-moving your friends and family has never been so much fun.

Join in the Retsami Revolution, and be a master of the greatest board game since Backgammon. Buy it now!

One false move, and you're dead...