Retsami - the greatest two player board game since Backgammon...

About Us

The originator John Wildsmith has been an amateur inventor of games for many years. None of them was intended for the commercial market but a few years ago he became frustrated by the scarcity of 2-player board games. In particular he became intrigued by the concept of a 2-player board game exhibiting:

So he eventually came up with Retsami, a brilliant board game which seemed to fulfil the criteria.

However, even this game shortly found itself languishing on a dusty shelf until it was eventually rediscovered and its commercial potential reassessed.

So it is now being successfully marketed by Simon Orenstein who shares in John Wildsmith`s commitment to games & puzzles. It could be that we will branch out into other products in the future but for the moment we are single-mindedly pursuing the promotion of Retsami as the sort of classic game that no home should be without.

It is a dedication that is already being rewarded as Retsami finds itself on the brink of cult status.